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Customs and Immigration || Malaysia to Singapore, Singapore to Malaysia

Generally, the procedure that’s followed at the Customs and Immigration checkpoint is quite simple and takes no time at all to complete if a passenger has every document that’s necessary. As every bus on this route has to cross international borders, there is an Immigration check at the border. It is recommended that every passenger carries their visa, passport, and work permits to ensure that the immigration process moves smoothly. Passengers will have to disembark from the bus along with their belongings for a customs check. After this is done, they can cross over and board the bus again. So, before opting for bus booking, check out the details on Customs and Immigration procedure that passengers are required to follow.

What are the Customs and Immigration Procedures that need to be followed?

customs and immigrations for booking online bus tickets

When a passenger reaches the departure terminal or the terminal from where they wish to leave the country, the passenger would have to disembark from the bus along with their luggage or any other personal belongings. Passengers are expected to carry important travel documents that would be required such as passport, travel documents, visa, etc.

Passengers are expected to disembark off the bus at the arrival terminal as well along with their belongings. Passengers who are carrying taxable or dutiable goods that exceed the duty-free concession, prohibited or restricted or controlled goods should proceed towards the “Red Channel” for declaration purposes. If passengers do not fall into this category, they can proceed towards the “Green Channel” to get their clearance.

The coach captain of the bus will assist you in unloading your luggage off the bus but it is the duty of every passenger to carry and take their luggage across the checkpoint. Customs officials will also board the bus while the passengers disembark off the bus. The officials will look for any suspicious items that have been left behind before the bus can leave for the journey. Buses generally wait for an average duration of about an hour or two before departing from the checkpoint. If a passenger is left behind, they can board the next bus that’s heading towards their destination. This information is printed on the bus ticket. Passengers can always refer to their bus ticket if they have any doubts.

Passengers are requested to follow these rules strictly to ensure that the transition through the checkpoint goes smoothly and quickly. Please contact your local government if you have any queries related to passports or visas. It is advisable that a customer visits the official websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia and Singapore to know more about visa requirements. You can even get in touch with your local embassy to know more.


Do I need a visa to go from Singapore to Malaysia by bus?
Yes, you do. Make sure you carry your passport, work permit (if applicable), or any other relevant documents that would be required for your entry into Malaysia.
What modes of payment are available to make a bus ticket payment?
The various modes of payment that a person can use to pay for their bus ticket when traveling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur are: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, Boost App, and any other payment gateways that are supported by the platform.
Can I travel between Singapore and Malaysia by bus?
Yes, you can travel between Singapore and Malaysia by bus.
How do I contact immigration Malaysia?
You can visit the Immigration website offered by the Malaysia Government at www.imi.gov.my or contact 03-8888 2010 / 03-8000 8000 or send an email to stoassist@imi.gov.my