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Guide to Buying StarMart Express Bus Tickets Online

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Guide to Buying StarMart Express Bus Tickets Online

StarMart Express & Tours was incorporated in the year 1989 with the sole reason to provide reliable transportation services. Besides providing frequent bus services to Singapore and Malaysia, it also offers bus transport services to Thailand. At present, it runs over 200 buses.

Over the years, StarMart Express has built a vast user base. Not only Malaysians but tourists coming from other countries prefer the buses offered by this company. You can book a StarMart bus online ticket using a reliable e-ticketing platform.

Why Book Bus Tickets with StarMart Express?

The reasons to book bus tickets online with StarMart Express are as follows:

  • StarMart Express buses are manufactured from galvanised steel which is a durable material. ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) has recommended using galvanised steel to make safe buses.
  • The design and durability of StarMart Express buses comply with UN Regulation 66. All the buses step on-road only after completing the rigorous testing process. Their drivers are also well-trained and keep the safety of passengers on top.
  • StarMart Express buses have recliner seats, which can be adjusted up to 120 degrees, offering a comfortable ride. The ergonomic seats of StarMart buses also have a built-in massage system and consist of a 2-point seat belt for passenger safety.
  • The buses are built and maintained by Scania and Nissan and equipped with an electronically controlled air suspension system.
  • All the StarMart Express buses have a spacious baggage compartment.
  • Due to their large fleet, StarMart Express provides daily departures to many Malaysian cities like Johor Bahru, Simpang, Changlun, Langkap, Melaka, and Kuala Lumpur.
  • StarMart online tickets are easily available for numerous bus routes.

How to buy StarMart Express bus tickets online?

To book StarMart online bus tickets, first, you need to choose a reputed and trustworthy online bus ticketing platform. As the booking process is similar for most bus booking websites, you can use the steps below to book your Starmart Express bus tickets online -

  • Visit the e-ticketing site and enter your source city and destination city. Then, choose your travel date and the type of your journey (one-way or return).
  • On clicking search, you will get a list of all the available buses for your selected route. Compare and choose a StarMart Express bus. Some e-ticketing platforms will allow you to filter StarMart Express buses from the list of all available buses.
  • Select your seat, and when done, you may be asked to enter the boarding and drop-off points.
  • Next, enter passenger details and make the payment online. In this stage, you can also enter a promo code (if available) to enjoy discounts.
  • Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive the ticket via email.

Before proceeding to book StarMart bus tickets via an e-ticketing platform, you should check for the authenticity and reliability of the platform. For example, SSL certification is a must for online bus ticketing platforms. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption safeguards the sensitive data shared by users for booking bus tickets. You can go for an e-ticketing platform that has been serving for many years and is present in multiple countries.

How to use the StarMart Express online bus ticket?

The online ticket is called e-ticket. The StarMart Express e-ticket will work similarly to a physical bus ticket and help board the bus.

Most of the terminals in Malaysia and Singapore allow passengers to board their buses with an online ticket. However, you may need to take a physical printout of the StarMart Express e-ticket at some terminals. If you haven’t received your StarMart bus online tickets, you should contact your bus ticketing platform.


How to make payments for booking StarMart online bus tickets?
Reputed online payment platforms allow people to book online bus tickets using multiple payments modes like net banking, credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets.
Which is the popular cross-border bus route provided by StarMart Express?
Langkap to Singapore is a popular cross-border bus route served by StarMart Express.
Can I transfer my StarMart Express bus ticket to a friend as I cannot make it?
Most e-ticketing websites do not allow people to transfer their bus tickets. So, you must check with the platform regarding this option.
What amenities do StarMart Express coaches offer?
The amenities offered by StarMart Express buses are a massage system, air conditioning, water bottle, charging socket, etc.