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Travel Around Malaysia by Bus - Bus Transportation Tips

Malaysia has much to offer its tourists, from pristine beaches to rainforests and mountains, making it an absolute delight as a tourist destination. One can travel around and explore the major tourist places using bus transportation in Malaysia. By choosing bus transportation over other means of travel, one can save money. Moreover, choosing to book bus tickets online gives you a chance to save money - thanks to the awesome discounts and cashback offers.

With an abundance of nature and breathtaking sceneries, one can never have enough of this country, and it has a little something for everyone. Diverse geography and amazing food delicacies aside, this wonderful country is a must-visit in Southeast Asia. With 13 states and 3 federal territories, and every state having something unique, tourists can travel around Malaysia with ease thanks to a well-connected network of transportation. Bus transportation in Malaysia is the cheapest and most efficient way to travel in and around the country. There are many long and short route buses available. Buses to almost all cities are available from Kuala Lumpur.

Tourists that are looking at saving money on travelling can also use the GO KL City bus, which is completely free of cost and covers all the major tourist places in the city. MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) buses are cheaper to use and can be found everywhere in the city. If a tourist is relying only on public transport in Malaysia, it is better to procure a Touch’ n Go card that works for all types of public transports. The card costs around RM20 and is easily available at airports and train stations. The cards can also be recharged at retail shops and convenience counters.

Many bus operators in Malaysia offer budget, mid-range and luxury transport depending on the tourist’s budget. Some of the major operators are Aeroline, Transtar and Plusliner. The buses are extremely comfortable with good ventilation and air-conditioning. Some buses even provide meals, yet the fares are affordable. With cheaper fares starting at just RM1 and easy availability, travelling by bus in Malaysia is always a good option. One bus ticket online from Penang to KL will cost approximately RM 50. Not just that, you can get bus tickets at a cheaper rate and save upto 50% off on bus ticket online booking

Buses connect most of the country’s major cities, making it easier for tourists to travel around in Malaysia. It is always advisable if tourists book their tickets beforehand online to avoid last-minute queues and hassles. After arriving at the Kuala Lumpur airport, tourists can board the KLIA express that connects them to KL Sentral. It is fast and costs only RM13 for a one-way ride. Trains depart every 15 minutes and are cheaper than taxis. If one has arrived in KL and is looking forward to visiting any other major city, buses are regularly available from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. Penang to KL bus, KL to Ipoh bus and bus from KL to Melaka is available all day starting from 6 AM. For tourists looking forward to travelling only by public transport, they should make themselves familiar with KL Sentral since it offers maximum connectivity in the country. Buses are available from 6 AM to 11:59 PM, and the fares are quite less. The KL to Ipoh online bus ticket costs approximately RM 18, and the journey is 2 and half hours long, and it may take slightly longer if there are more stops in between the two cities. Travelling by bus allows the tourist to enjoy the scenic views. Buses from KL to Melaka cost anywhere between RM 10 to RM 18, depending on the type of services offered by the bus. Luxury buses cost more but provide utmost comfort to the travellers. The road journey again takes close to 2 and half hours, with the first bus departing at 3 AM from TBS.

Malaysian public transport is cheap, fast and efficient, with buses arriving every 15 minutes. The best part is that the connectivity is good, making it smoother for tourists to reach their destination. The Malaysian public transport maintains hygiene and is comfortable and safe to use. 

But to make things easier for first-time travellers, here are some tips.

Tips for Traveling around Malaysia by Bus:

Tips for Travelling Around Malaysia By Bus

  • Malaysia is known for its traffic congestion. It is better if the traveller plans the trip to avoid getting late.
  • While going for a longer journey, it is always advisable that the tourists book their tickets beforehand to skip long queues.
  • To save time, keep exact change in hand if travelling locally.
  • For intercity bus bookings, tourists can use online bus ticket booking apps to save money and time.
  • Avoid buying tickets from random sellers at the bus terminals. There are chances that one might end up paying more than what’s worth.
  • Buy tickets from a trusted bus service. Avoid buying tickets from unknown bus operators since there are chances that the departure may not be on time and the buses might not provide comfort.
  • Go for the buses with fewer seats since there will be more legroom space. A 27 seater bus might be a better option than a 44 seater bus.
  • Prefer booking a direct bus. A traveller’s entire itinerary might get delayed if the bus arrives late at the destination.
  • While travelling during the holiday season, book tickets online since there is always a risk of the tickets getting expensive around the holiday season.
  • To save some money on accommodation, one can book an overnight bus.
  • While travelling overnight in a bus, carry essentials like warmers, blankets, water and food items.
  • There’s a high chance that a tourist might not reach their destination on time due to heavy traffic, it’s always better to keep a buffer time before planning the day.

With so much to see and explore in the country, one can enjoy their trip and cut costs by travelling smartly. Malaysia has a vast network of buses, and the buses are clean, and the bus schedules are organised with the arrivals always on time. It’s also safe for female travellers, and no one will face any inconvenience while travelling. Travel around Malaysia and explore the intricacies of the country while also saving money by using Malaysian public transport. 

Besides bus tickets, you can also book a ferry ticket online to nearby island destinations. Be it Batam, Bintan or any other island, ferry online ticket booking gives you the option to choose between ferry operators on different ferry routes, check ferry schedule, and other details! 


Which bus company is best in Malaysia?
There are several good bus companies in Malaysia that have received great reviews by passengers. These include Transtar Travels, Causeway Link, KKKL Express, and Aeroline.
How can I travel around Kuala Lumpur?
There are various ways to travel around Kuala Lumpur and one of the best ways is by bus since buses can easily be found in KL and they are extremely affordable, especially when you book a bus ticket online. Kuala Lumpur is the starting point for many travel destinations in Malaysia and one can comfortably get a bus from KLIA to their desired destination.
How much does it cost to travel around Malaysia?
This depends on the mode of transportation you choose. Public transportation in Malaysia is quite cheap. For example, bus transportation from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore costs only between RM45 to RM85 depending on the type of bus and bus company.