There’s plenty to see and do in Malaysia for tourists and locals alike- glittering city landscapes, soothing island getaways and pleasant stays at one of the many Highlands are just some of the charms that this South East Asian country proffers. All this can be be extremely budget-friendly and enjoyable when you choose to travel by buses in Malaysia. 

To cruise around the country at a leisurely pace and soak in all the scenes and sights you probably won’t see anywhere else, hop on one of the many buses that traverse Malaysian streets. Buses are not just an economic option in peninsular Malaysia- they’re good fun, too. You can book bus tickets online too! Travel companies and bus operators and aggregator platforms have made getting around that much easier. It’s not just tourists who take buses for their sightseeing agendas, though. Board a bus in Malaysia to find a melee of different lifestyles converging under one united goal - getting from A to B. If there ever was a way to understand a country in all its cultural glory, we think it’s by taking the bus.


There’s almost no route that buses fail to cover in Malaysia. It’s a highly popular form of transport and works out way cheaper when compared to air fares. Each route in Malaysia has something different to show passengers.A vastly-integrated road system has allowed buses to trundle into almost every small hamlet and large city. Some of the most frequented bus routes on the peninsula are those that start or stop at Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands, Johor and Ipoh. It’s also quick and easy to get a bus from a main international airport to more interior part of the country to stay or explore. A lot of towns don’t have ticket offices, so it’s always a good idea to book a bus ticket online so you can hop on and get going as fast as you can. If your itinerary includes a journey to Singapore, you’re in luck- bus operators in Malaysia offer luxury coaches, night journeys and economically-priced routes between major stops in Malaysia and Singapore. Millions of tourists cross borders between Malaysia and Singapore every year- it’s not surprising, then, that the express buses plying these routes are comfortable and fully-equipped for the long bus journey. You can also book Singapore bus tickets for all your bus journeys to and from Singapore with us.

Road-trip enthusiasts- if you want to experience the thrill of the roads but don’t want to drive until you’re exhausted, buses are your best bet. Experienced drivers navigate the routes expertly, leaving you free to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the landscape outside your window.


There are more than a hundred bus operators in Malaysia with their own timetables, fares and routes. It can get overwhelming, so consider thoroughly researching a few major bus operators and reading reviews so you always know what you’re paying for. Some major bus operators in Malaysia include Transtar, Aeroline, Pacific Express, Aerobus and First Coach. A lot of these operators allow you to book tickets on their own website or partner travel websites. These bus operators have massive fleets of buses to cater to your every need. The kinds of buses you can book a journey on include:

  • Air-conditioned buses
  • Sleeper coaches with reclining seats
  • WiFi-powered buses
  • Luxury buses with in-seat monitors and meals
  • Double-decker economy coaches

You can pick from the numerous options based on the kind of journey you’ve booked while booking an online bus. A day journey is a one-time opportunity to see the sights and hear the sounds of Malaysia. Double- decker economy and air-conditioned coaches are perfect for these trips. If you want to document your journey on social media, hop on board a WiFi bus instead. If your aim is to catch up on sleep so you are turbo-charged the next day, book a night journey on board a sleeper or luxury coach.


Travelling by bus in Malaysia is relatively inexpensive when compared to booking a flight or renting a car. Bus fares in Malaysia for routes between cities can range from RM15 to RM50 depending on the route, destination and the type of bus. It’s always ideal to book cheap bus online tickets tickets on a bus booking platform. These websites easily pull fares and timings from across operators so you can compare and contrast to pick the best bus for your itinerary. A lot of these platforms have discounts and offers handy, so you’ll know a good deal when you see one! Reading user reviews is a great way to narrow down on the right bus operator. 

At Bus Tickets Online portal, one can get information on these bus operators and note down some wonderful bus booking tips. Many smallers cities don’t have ticketing offices, so you will have to visit a larger terminal to book bus tickets. In such cases bus ticketing platforms help you save you time and money. You also don’t have to keep cash ready- these platforms take all major debit and credit cards and have secure payment portals that you can trust.

What’s more, you can also book bus online tickets on the go on a mobile app or website. This makes it that much easier to manage sudden itinerary changes, bus delays or spontaneous trips to another part of Malaysia.


Why should planning a journey be a hassle? With Bus Tickets Online, bus ticket online booking in Malaysia becomes a seamless and efficient process. Whatever you’re looking for- luxury coaches, best prices or excellent service - Bus Tickets Online can help you with all of it and more. Skim through the best of 800+ routes, 80+ bus operators and prices before zeroing in on the best fit. The many discounts and codes on offer ensure that you’re always getting the best bang for your buck. The booking process is simple. Bus Tickets Online also knows that last-minute changes are inevitable, so the company offers re-schedule tickets. With your M-Ticket in hand, travel smart and do your bit for the environment by going paperless.

Now, you can also book your bus tickets within Indonesia at discounted prices. If you are planning to visit Indonesia, head on over to tiket bus online and take at look at the bus ticket prices and bus schedule to plan your travels.

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Ferry Tickets Online Booking

Booking a ferry ticket online in Malaysia and Singapore is now easier than ever! You can just search for your port of departure, your destination, enter a travel date and find numerous options to choose from. There are several popular operators in Malaysia and Singapore offering regular ferry services to nearby islands and coutries like Thailand and Indonesia at great prices. You can compare the cost online and opt for ferry ticket booking from Singapore or Malaysia as per your travel needs.

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Top Ferry Operators in Malaysia

Bluewater Ferry

Batam Fast

Sindo Ferry

Bundhaya Speed Boat

Pasir Gudang Passenger Ferry

Top Ferry Operators in Singapore

Bintan Resort Ferries

Batam Fast

Sindo Ferry

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