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Shuttle Bus Service in Malaysia

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Shuttle Bus Services in Malaysia

The introduction of shuttle buses in Malaysia eased transportation to and from the major airports. These buses have become an important mode of travel for people commuting between the city and airports. Every shuttle bus route has comfortable vehicles at affordable rates. You no longer have to pay high cab fares and can still travel in luxury with luggage thanks to these buses. You can easily buy a shuttle bus ticket online on any reputed e-ticketing service platform.

Malaysia Airport Shuttle Service

The shuttle buses have helped reduce traffic from the airport to the cities. These buses transport the passengers to the city as well as to the other terminal. Depending on their purpose, the shuttle buses in Malaysia are of two types- one that shuttles between the airport terminals and the other that connects to the city. The services are available free of cost or at a nominal rate.

Free shuttle bus

As the name suggests, these are free shuttle buses helpful for those with interconnecting flights at the airport. The passengers can wait for one of these buses and reach the other terminal to catch their next flight on time. This type of shuttle transportation is available every 10 minutes throughout the day. You can reserve seats on these buses at the terminal and wait at the designated waiting area.

Airport Liner

This private service provider offers the same services as the other shuttle bus but at a nominal rate. However, unlike the other type, Airport Liner services are available at a specific period, from 5.30 am till 11.50 pm. Their speciality is that their services are available to other destinations such as the Nilai KTM Komuter Station, INTI International University, etc.

Popular Shuttle Bus Routes

The popular shuttle bus routes include those within the airport premises and other destinations such as the city, Komuter Station, etc. 

The most popular shuttle routes are -

Shuttle Bus Routes in Malaysia

  • KLIA to KLIA2

It is the major bus route between the two terminals of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The connection is between the KILA bus station to the Transportation Hub at the KLIA2 terminal.

  • KLIA2 to 1Utama Shopping Centre

Skybus operates a one hour ride from the airport to 1Utama. Services are available from the KLIA2 terminal, and the average bus fare is RM 15.

  • KLIA to Petaling Jaya

Two bus operators operate on this route. The average travel duration is one hour 15 mins, and the ticket rates are close to RM 12 on average. There are more than 25 buses available from 12 am to 11.30 pm.

  • KL Sentral to KLIA2

Aerobus mainly offers services on this route. The one hour trip between the airport and the city bus station has several buses available throughout the day. The average ticket price will be RM 14, with luxury buses available for choosing.

  • Kuala Lumpur to KLIA2

The bus from KL to KLIA2 is the main connection between the city and the airport. The travel duration is close to one hour, and the ticket rates are low. There are multiple bus options to choose from, and the buses are available from early morning till late in the night. A bus to KLIA2 is available from the BTS, Batu 3, etc., and drop the passengers at the terminal.

Popular Shuttle Bus Service Providers

Although you may find several bus operators with their services to the airport, shuttle buses are mainly operated by these three service providers -

  • Skybus - It is the major service provider that connects the airport-city route. Their buses travel between the KLIA2 and KL Sentral several times a day. They also cover a route to the LCCT from the KLIA2 terminal. Their buses have a 2+2 arrangement with 30 or 44 seats per bus capacity.
  • Aerobus - It serves from early morning till late night between the KL Sentral and airport. The buses have ergonomic seats, spacious aisles, storage space, and air-conditioned interiors for the various bus routes.
  • Airport Liner - These buses offer air conditioning and comfortable seats with plenty of space for luggage.

How to Book Shuttle Bus Tickets Online?

One can book the bus tickets online for these shuttle buses, especially those going to the city and covering the KL Sentral routes. You can find cheaper bus tickets at the best deals on popular bus ticketing websites.

To book a shuttle bus online ticket, you have to visit the website of a reputed and trustworthy e-ticket service provider. When you visit the platform, you will have to enter your source, destination and travel date. Based on the information you provide, the website will show you the list of available buses along your desired bus route in Malaysia. You can compare and select a bus of your choice. Next, you have to choose your seats, enter passenger details and make the online payment.

Before you pay for bus tickets online, see if the payment process of the service provider is protected by SSL encryption technology. Once you make the payment, you will receive the e-ticket via email/SMS.


How can I buy a ticket at the KLIA2 terminal?
You can book the shuttle bus tickets either online or from the ticket counters available at the terminal. The ticket counters are available at Level 2 of the KLIA2 Mall gateway. You can also use the vending machines to get the tickets. The best way, however, is to book bus tickets online as it is faster and can be done from anywhere.
Are there any other inter-transport options between the KLIA and KLIA2 terminals?
The shuttle buses are not the only way of travelling between the airport terminal. One can also travel by the Express Rail Link that connects these terminals.
Are the shuttle services available 24 hours?
Yes, the free shuttle buses are available 24 hours with a gap of 10 minutes between each trip. The other services have a time limit and are not available 24 hrs.
How long does it take to travel from one terminal to the other at the KLIA?
The travel between the KLIA and KLIA2 terminals takes 10 minutes by the shuttle buses. These buses travel non-stop between the terminals.