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Travel Insurance with Bus Tickets Online

A reliable e-ticketing platform will let you opt for travel insurance when you book bus tickets online with them. This insurance provides financial support in case of any mishaps or unfortunate events. In case of travel insurance bought with bus tickets, it will cover any inconvenience you face during your bus journey.

E-ticketing platforms offer travel insurance at nominal rates. However, they do not offer insurance with bus tickets themselves. Instead, they are connected with reliable third-party insurance companies.

Things Covered by Bus Travel Insurance

The bus travel insurance coverage may differ based on the company providing it. Some of the things covered by this insurance bought with bus tickets online are -

Travel Insurance Coverage

  • Hospitalisation expenses

If a passenger sustains an injury during the bus trip, travel insurance will help cover the hospitalisation expenses. To avail of the benefit, you have to submit your claim to the insurance company immediately. If you do not report the incident before a fixed interval, you may not be eligible for any claims. A passenger that has not opted for bus insurance cannot submit any claims to the bus or insurance company.

The hospitalisation expenses include transport to/from the hospital, medical test expenses, medical expenses, and doctor/consultant fees. The insurance company will also cover the cost of any external medical appliances required for treatments. You have to show proof that the injury was caused during the bus trip.

  • Lost baggage

If your checked-in baggage is lost in the custody of the bus operator, you can submit a claim to the insurance firm. If you have opted for travel insurance while bus ticket online booking, any baggage losses will be covered as per most policies. However, if baggage is lost during entry to the bus terminal, the claim will be rejected. Therefore, you are eligible for submitting a claim only if you lose your luggage during the bus trip. Besides the loss of checked-in baggage, travel insurance also covers any loss in the contents of baggage.

The insurance is provided according to the baggage policy of the bus operator. Some operators do not allow refunds for damaged luggage containing luxurious items. Passengers are advised to take care of their expensive stuff themselves while travelling via bus.

  • Hijack and Lootings

Booking bus tickets from a reliable e-ticketing platform will save you from online fraud. However, unfortunate events like hijacking and looting may happen during a bus trip. The chances of a bus hijacking are low but not zero. Travel insurance will cover losses incurred during such unfortunate events. An insured passenger could contact the insurance provider for claims if they were held captive by a criminal/fellow passenger during the bus trip. A bus travel insurance also covers any lost luggage/possession during an unfortunate event like robbery or hijacking.

  • Death

A death during a bus trip is an unfortunate event, and bus operators take various safety measures to avoid this situation. However, road accidents occur now and then and the insurance will help financially in such a scenario. If a passenger passes away during the bus journey, the family can claim with the insurance provider.

Apart from these, there may be other things covered by travel insurance. Make sure to read the policy before buying to see the coverage it offers.

How to opt for travel insurance?

You can opt for travel insurance while booking online bus tickets on an e-ticketing platform. Right before the online payment process, you are asked if you wish to purchase insurance or not. Many users usually skip the insurance option and proceed to pay the booking amount. The insurance coverages can help a person in case of unseen events during a bus journey. If you choose travel insurance while booking bus tickets online, a nominal amount is added to your total ticketing cost.

It is advised to read and understand the travel insurance policy of the respective e-ticketing platform to know about the claims and coverage.


The pros of buying bus travel insurance while bus booking online are as follows:

  • If you are a foreigner in a country, this insurance will provide you with financial protection. You may not have access to financial resources in a foreign land, and the insurance will help you in any adverse scenarios.
  • The bus insurance via a reliable e-ticketing platform will come at a minimal price.
  • If you have opted for this insurance, it will also work as proof of your journey. It can be helpful in case of any legal troubles or loss of travel documents, especially in a foreign land.
  • Travel insurance covers expenses for a wide range of unfortunate events, as mentioned above.
  • Any lost or damaged baggage during a bus trip is also covered under this insurance.


Does travel insurance cover any interruptions that delay or cancel the bus ride?
Yes, travel insurance covers any interruptions that cancel your bus ride. For example, natural disasters like earthquakes, landslides, floods, etc., can cancel a fixed bus ride. A bus ride can also be delayed/cancelled due to terrorism, riots, and other anti-social activities. Travel insurance will help you cover the costs of the bus ride if it is cancelled due to such unfortunate events.
I bought the travel insurance while booking my bus tickets online. Will I get any benefits if I miss my bus?
A reliable e-ticketing platform will offer alternate travel arrangements for insured passengers if they miss their bus.
What is a travel insurance policy?
A travel insurance policy defines the claims and coverage associated with travel.
What is the rate for travel insurance on online bus tickets?
The rate for travel insurance on online bus tickets depends on the e-ticketing platform and the partner insurance firm. A reputed e-ticketing platform will offer travel insurance at affordable rates.
What is the claims procedure for insured passengers?
The claims procedure is listed under the travel insurance policy of the respective e-ticketing platform. The claims procedure will tell you about the documents required for submitting a request for financial assistance under travel insurance.