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Types of Buses for Bus Booking in Malaysia

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Types of Buses for Bus Booking in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South East Asia. Owing to this popularity, Malaysia has developed a better infrastructure and connectivity to most parts of the country. Getting around the peninsular region, where the majority of the popular tourist spots are situated, is easier with multiple options of different types of buses that fir perfect to passengers’ needs.

Needless to say, travelling by bus is the cheapest option, and the online bus booking services open up an array of buses. With well-maintained roads and frequent bus services between major cities, towns, and even remote places, Malaysia has a variety of options when it comes to travelling within the country.

Types of buses available in Malaysia

The different types of buses that are available with online bus ticket options include the local city buses to the most luxurious cross-border buses. These buses differ in their seats to the seater arrangement and the various amenities offered in each of them.

Most of the buses are air-conditioned with comfortable seats. The local buses and most of the inter-city buses are single-deck with cushioned seats.

The interstate buses take an upgrade with reclining seats to have a comfortable long-distance trip. These buses may be single deck or double-decker buses with reclining seats.

When it comes to amenities, the buses mainly offer water bottles, towels for refreshment, as a few basic needs. The luxurious buses may have charging ports, television, sleeper beds, and many more.

To give you a general idea about what you may expect, here are the major types of buses that you are likely to find when booking your ticket online.

Local Buses

Local buses operate for small distance travel mainly within the city. It is usually seen in Kuala Lumpur, where you can see the likes of Go KL, RapidKL, Metrobus, Sunway BRT, etc.

Intercity Buses

The intercity buses are the main transportation between the major cities, operated by private bus operators.

Airport Shuttle

These are the buses that mainly concentrate on connectivity to the airports, mainly the KLIA2 and KLIA. Most of these buses would provide transportation from the airport to the city centre or the KL Sentral station. These buses will have better legroom and enough space to keep your luggage. Bus operators such as Skybus, Aerobus, etc., provide services from KLIA2 to other cities, while the Airport Coach offers the daily shuttle services between KL Sentral and the airport.

Shuttle Bus

The shuttle bus is the one that would take the passengers from KLIA to KLIA2. It is a short distance of 3 km that would need assistance, and the services of these shuttle buses are free of cost.

At the same time, there also are paid shuttle buses as well. The bus operator Airport Liner is one such option where you need to pay for the transfer from one airport to the other. The other shuttle buses offer their service from the various bus terminals and train stations to the airport.

Cross Border Buses

Buses such as Causeway Link Express concentrate on cross-border travel between Malaysia and Singapore. Though other bus operators offer such services, Causeway Link primarily concentrates on some specific areas close to the borders.

Other Types of Buses

If you categorize the buses according to the comfort level and amenities, you get the luxury bus and express bus. The Luxury buses offer top-class amenities that sometimes include snacks and entertainment and are offered by different bus operators. The amenities differ with the operators and their chosen buses.

The express buses are faster buses that adhere to their time table religiously. They also come with different luxurious options as well. The popular express buses that the locals and tourists equally love to travel with are Transnasional, StarMart Express, Aerobus, Plusliner, etc.

Kuala Lumpur Hop-On Hop-Off Buses

If you are not so interested in travelling on such buses, you have got this other option of Kuala Lumpur Hop-On Hop-off buses that travel through the city’s major tourist spots. You can simply hop on these buses with a valid ticket from any spot to reach the other one. Quite convenient, isn’t it!

How safe is it to travel by bus in Malaysia?

Malaysia buses operate throughout the day depending upon the region. Most of the cities have night buses where you can safely travel through the overnight journey. Most of the buses in Malaysia are assured safe buses with cleaner interiors and reliable as well as professional staff to travel with.

If you are looking for a long-distance trip, make sure to find out more about the bus operator and look for the customer ratings before you book your tickets. We help you gather more information about online bus ticket booking in Malaysia.

Where to book bus tickets online?

Online bus ticket booking has made it easier for travellers to get the tickets in advance at an earlier date itself. Online booking portals offer bus booking for almost all types of buses except for the local intercity buses.

You can find multiple options for buses from such online booking portals. They also display the bus fare, amenities and other significant information to let you pick the best suitable option. There are discount options and other attractive offers for the traveller’s benefit.

Contrary to the general belief, one can travel across Malaysia through their public transport system as you can either go by bus or catch a train to reach somewhere. Rare are those tourist spots where you get neither of these options. Of the two, taking a bus is the better option, hands down, because of the cheaper ticket rate. It also provides the opportunity to watch the landscape and get the full im[act of the country's landscape, culture, and ethnicity.